You Need an Ideal Client Profile: Here’s Why

I teach classes at all of the major pro beauty trade shows in the United States. My most popular class to date has been an intro to social media, in which I make the case for using social media with an overarching goal in mind. While this isn’t revolutionary information, I’m often met with some blank stares when I ask “who is your ideal client?”

Usually, someone brave will comment from the back of the room. “Anyone willing to pay!” and the rest of the attendees snicker. I agree – a paying client is a paying client. If my book were completely empty, and I was staring down some past due bills, I would take anyone and everyone willing to pay for my beauty services. However, most of us aren’t in the boat of having a completely empty client book, right? (At least I hope not!!!) why you need an ideal client profile in the beauty industry

So when you think about your core business, the clients who are your bread and butter, you’ll likely see some patterns forming. Are they patterns you like to see? Or are they a no-show, late paying, late notice cancelling, expecting to walk in ragtag crew? Are they occasional clients who only come for services far beyond the recommended service maintenance timelines? Or do they hop from shop to shop, clipping groupons in the process? Take a moment and think about it. Do you like what you see?

The Ideal Difference

When it comes to marketing your beauty business, the right message will hook the right clients. The clients that are a joy to work with, the ones who view you as a subject matter expert, and see the value in the services you provide. Imagine if you had a book full of your favorite client – wouldn’t working be an absolute joy each and every appointment? You have to know who you’re speaking and marketing to, in order to make this dream your reality. why you need an ideal client profile in the beauty industry

A colleague made such an awesome analogy about ideal clients that I have to share it with you. She said, think of it like online dating. When you fill out your initial preferences, you narrow it down a bit, right? Your profile doesn’t say “seeking men or women aged 18-85+, located anywhere, employed or unemployed, criminal record or not, whatever. I just have a social calendar that I need to fill, so I’ll take anyone.” Does that sound like the approach you’d take in your worst enemy’s personal life, let alone your own business? Hopefully not.

Even if you’re not particularly picky when it comes to clients, that’s ok. You will find that when you narrow your focus and tailor your marketing messaging to your ideal client, your conversion rate, or the number of people who convert from “lookers” to “buyers” will increase exponentially.

Determine Your Ideal Client

Think about your brand, and the problem you solve for your clients. Do you provide a clean and safe environment for them to receive high level beauty services? Are you a master colorist or medical nail tech? What do you bring to the table and who is the client you serve? Try to picture the client you’d like to see walk through the door at 11:00am on a Saturday morning. How old is she? Where does she work? Does she have kids? Own her own house? Is she more active on Instagram or Facebook? Does she read a specific blog or participate in any community events? What does she usually do on the weekend? why you need an ideal client profile in the beauty industry

These questions can seem a little silly, but every answer you give gets you one step closer to defining your ideal audience. Once you know who you are filling the theater of your business with, you know exactly what kinds of jokes to tell them to guarantee laughs every time you step on stage. You know which social media platforms to spend your time nurturing, and what content will interest your ideal client. As a result, you’ll be able to convert more followers into clients by creating an environment, both online and in person that will serve that client time and time again.

Next Steps

So what if your current clientele is full of people who you wouldn’t consider to be your “ideal client?” That’s perfectly fine! This is about creating a strategy to help you build your business by being more effective in your marketing efforts, so you can fill any and all empty slots in your schedule with the kind of client who is a joy to work with. why you need an ideal client profile in the beauty industry

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why you need an ideal client profile in the beauty industry