Why TikTok is the Best Platform for Beauty Pros

You’ve seen them. I guarantee it. Kombucha Girl, clips of hundreds of cute frolicking animals, and the videos of teens doing frenetic choreographed dances. If you have kids, you’ve likely given up trying to stop them memorizing the moves at the dinner table while whispering “renegade, renegade…” over and over to themselves. Why TikTok is the Best Platform for Beauty Pros

Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s TikTok, and it is taking over smartphones from middle school to middle age. The platform is quickly becoming a pop culture launch pad, but it’s not just for hitting the “whoa” and lip-syncing for your life. (A dance move and previous iteration of the app, respectively.) TikTok is generating serious buzz for creatives across many mediums, and it just might be the space you need to get noticed in your beauty business.

I genuinely loved Vine, and mourned it when it was bought out by Twitter and unceremoniously shut down. If you weren’t a Vine devotee, it was a short-form video app where users’ creativity was on full display. Vine launched many influencers, singers, and even comedians with its irreverent, straight-to-the-point six second format. There was no time to waste on Vine – you needed to grab your viewer’s attention right away. Why TikTok is the Best Platform for Beauty Pros

TikTok is like if Vine and Instagram had a really funny baby. It is a strictly video platform where most videos range between 15 seconds and one minute. The app itself consists of two feeds; the For You page where recommended videos are shown, and the Following page where you can see content from creators you follow. You navigate through the app by swiping up to see the next video, and that’s pretty much it. But what the user interface lacks in complication, it more than makes up for in utility.

TikTok contains one of the best smartphone-based video filming and editing suites available. From a basic countdown timer to more advanced cuts and transitions, TikTok can turn the most straightforward before and after video into an exciting, enticing, and most importantly entertaining event. The ability to shoot and edit directly in the app makes video production accessible to anyone who downloads it, without third party apps and programs which saves both time and money.

Social savvy beauty pros are using TikTok to not only promote their businesses, but themselves as subject matter experts. If your career ambitions lie somewhere beyond a full book, TikTok is a great vehicle for self-promotion while also informing the masses and improving the profile of the pro beauty industry in the process.

I recommend that you check out the following accounts to see what the fuss is about, and for some inspiration and validation that pro beauty belongs on TikTok.: Why TikTok is the Best Platform for Beauty Pros

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What would you create on TikTok? Feeling inspired and ready to give it a go? I’d love to see a pro beauty revolution on the app and get more great information into the hands of clients, along with informed influencers that can lead some positive change for the industry as a whole. Why TikTok is the Best Platform for Beauty Pros