What to Say & When: A Guide to Client Emails

Do You Send Emails to Your Clients?

When I mention email marketing to my coaching clients, I hear one of three responses. I am told “we already have a monthly email newsletter in place,” or “email takes too much time/is old tech, so we’re focused on social” and “what would I even email my clients about?” What to say in salon client emails

Be honest, raise your hand if you’ve thought any of the above when you have considered adding or expanding an email marketing program to your business. It’s ok. Most of the industry has the same attitude about email marketing. However, it is my job to watch the trends and read the studies, and I’m telling you right here right now, that email is the next big marketing tool for your beauty business. If you’re not convinced, check out this post and come back.

An email newsletter is a great place to start, because it means you already have some sort of email infrastructure in place. An email list, an email management program, and an open line of communication. However, open rates on email newsletters are generally low, unless you’re adding significant value or the promise of a discount. Your clients are expecting something promotional when they receive a monthly newsletter, and only your biggest diehard supporters will read it.

Email Marketing as a Brand Building Tool

You can absolutely turn your newsletter into an extension of your brand digital presence, make service and event announcements, and provide real value to your clientele. I’ll cover re-vamping email newsletters in a later blog post, but keep your newsletter in your back pocket for now. I’m asking you to expand your reach even further with just a few additional client emails. What to say in salon client emails

If you’re lost about what else you would say to your clients, think about this. When a client comes to you for a service, are you both completely silent? If you’re like me, you’re usually having a conversation and your client is spilling their deepest secrets, along with discussing current events and the reason he or she came in to see you – hair, skin, nails, lashes, etc. Your email strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. You can email your clients without needing a huge, contrived special reason.

If you allow online scheduling, your clients are likely already receiving automated emails from your salon management software. Appointment reminders, confirmations, and receipts are all pretty standard. Why not send them something that is a bit more personal than these system-generated emails?

When to Email Your Clients

Here are a few ideas:

You can welcome first-time clients with an email that acts as a care package. Include directions to the salon, images of your salon space, and perhaps a nice welcome message from their stylist expressing their excitement at meeting this new client. I also advise sending a post-appointment check-in the day after their visit to ask about their level of satisfaction with their service, and solicit a review or a chance to correct any problems. (This strategy can greatly reduce negative reviews and client abandons.) What to say in salon client emails

You can also send out a “we miss you” email to clients you haven’t seen in a while. This fosters an atmosphere of feeling valued as a client, and not just like a transaction, especially when sent with a personal message from the client’s stylist or a reference to their preferred service. What to say in salon client emails

And as I stated above, an email can come for no reason at all. You can send out a killer photo of amazing work recently created in your beauty business along with a wish for a wonderful weekend. Email nurtures the connection your client has with your brand, and helps develop the good feelings you want them to associate with your business. Positive interactions with your brand are priceless, and keeping your clients engaged with your brand is paramount. Email can and should be an important tool in your marketing toolbox. What to say in salon client emails

If you’re ready to get started, I’ve created a free download tool that makes sure your client emails tick all of the boxes:

Email Marketing for Salons

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