The Avoidable Danger of Thinking Small

How to grow your beauty business by changing your mindset

When we each began in this industry, we were taught the way our instructors did things, and took on their viewpoints or a version of them. Even if the processes were correct, we were still influenced by our instructors, peers, and our own perceptions of what is “the right way” to do things. This is all great for forming an identity in our industry, and it’s even better for branding. If you don’t know what you stand for, then will you fall for everything? How to grow your beauty business by changing your mindset

Unfortunately, this also means that we’ve begun at a disadvantage. That disadvantage is being trained and handed someone else’s perception and along the way, adopting it as our own, likely without question. Ask yourself why you do anything in your business, and if the answer is “this is how I’ve always done it,” that’s not a good enough answer.

There is a perception problem outside the beauty industry that seems to think that we only do this job because we aren’t qualified to do anything else. While you and I know that that is dead wrong, it can be very easy to internalize some of that same sentiment. When we say things like “I just do hair,” or “isn’t my little shop so cute?” it reinforces some of those same thoughts. But the problem comes when those words become our actions. Treating our businesses like expensive hobbies because we live in a dual income household, or not allowing ourselves to reach the heights of our potential because selling retail “feels icky.”

When I was in my early 20s and just out of college, I rented the house next door to my parents’ house for a few months while I worked and figured out my next steps. Rent was cheap, and I was loving the illusion of independence. It was the best of both worlds; come and go as I please, and walk across the backyard for dinner. When I moved in, job one was painting over the the living room wall sponge painted monstrosity. My grandfather, Ron, came over to survey my progress. He watched me paint a small section of the wall and then stopped me. He said “let me show you how to do this correctly.” My attitude was rather flippant, because after all this was a rental. Did it really even matter? His reply rings in my ears every time I start a new project or start to feel blasé about continuing one. “If you can’t find the effort to do it right the first time, how will you ever find the time to fix it?” He grabbed the roller and showed me how to feather the paint strokes into each other for a much better, blended result. How to grow your beauty business by changing your mindset

Of course he was right. Taking pride in our work is one of the reasons we got into this industry in the first place. Pride in the amazing way we make our clients feel. Pride in earning a living doing this incredibly creative job. But when pride becomes complacency, we don’t have anyone to point the finger at other than ourselves.

This industry is limitless. So for those of you feeling stuck because you’re fully booked and bonking your head against that earning cap every day, what will you do to change your situation? Are you willing to just accept that you can’t make any more money? Because if you are, I’m here to tell you that you’re thinking small. Don’t allow the past, your clients, or “the way we’ve always done it” to determine what you deserve. Once you leave that kind of thinking in the dust, your mind will open to all that is possible in your business.

What can you accomplish if you stop thinking small and begin asking whyHow to grow your beauty business by changing your mindset