Why Email Matters More Than You Think

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Social Media isn’t Everything

You can’t swing a station towel without hitting a social media training in the beauty sphere (mine included.) But as we saw this morning, social media can change on a dime, without warning. Instagram changed the entire user interface in a surprise morning update, that required users to tap to the right in order to see feed posts.

The reaction was swift and overwhelmingly negative. As I tried to relearn how to use my primary social media platform, I realized that engagement with posts would be nearly impossible. Captions were hard to read, as were the usernames, since they are left-justified and the forward taps naturally draw the eye to the right. salon marketing ideas email

I noticed that the only thing that was still “working” was the explore tab, and my analytical nature took over, as I realized that making the Explore page was more important than ever. I was already making plans to coach my clients to put the interest of the image to the right, and figure out a way to right-justify the caption. But thankfully, just as quickly as it arrived, Instagram reversed the update and brought back the traditional vertical scroll we’ve all come to know and love.

What’s Next?

I’ve been adding an asterisk to my social media classes for the past year and a half. I’ve been explaining that social media platforms are a powerful tool, but they’re not the most important marketing tool in the beauty entrepreneur’s arsenal. Why not? Well, as Instagram demonstrated today, we don’t own what we’ve built on social media platforms. You don’t own your followers, nor do you own the ability to contact them outside of the platform if they change overnight. If Facebook and Instagram continue down this path of pay to play with promoted posts and ads, we will all see our ability to interact with our clients lessened significantlysalon marketing ideas email

Email is the Real Deal

The only way we can keep up with our clients in a modern, convenient way that can’t be affected by the whim of an algorithm is to email them. Email is overwhelmingly read more than a post on social media any day of the week. Did you know that your carefully curated content that you agonizingly shoot, edit, and post is only seen by 6% of your audience? That’s a lot of effort for not a lot of return. salon marketing ideas email

Studies from all of the major digital marketing platforms have confirmed that clients greatly prefer to receive promotional material in their inbox versus in their Facebook feed. Clients would also like to hear from you once a week or more often! Our client pool is conditioned to receive sales and promotional messaging in their inbox, so it’s time to join the fray.

Email Marketing for Salons

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salon marketing ideas email