How to Write Exciting Email Subject Lines

The reason why I love email so much is that there is no algorithm to limit your ability to reach your clients’ inbox. But, once your message arrives there, they still need to open the email to get the point. In this post, I’m sharing my favorite strategies to get those emails opened and acted upon, every time. how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Subject lines are intimidating. Even more perplexing than the dreaded “+” sign on Instagram, the subject line box can seem like homework and feel like gambling. Write the wrong thing, and you run the risk of your email going unopened, or worse, relegated to the spam folder. The subject line is one of the most important components of a successful email campaign. No pressure! how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Now that you’re sufficiently freaked out about it, let’s break down how to write a great subject line that entices your recipient to click on your email and actually read it: how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Stay Conversational

No one likes a stuffy muffin. Just because it’s email doesn’t mean you need to break out the thous and thus-es. Write your emails and subject lines like you speak. Imagine your receiver sitting in front of you. How would you greet them? What words would you use in conversation?

how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

It’s important to keep the tone light and friendly. If you make your communication too formal, your clients may get turned off, especially if you’re not that way in person. Emails create a great sense of intimacy and help potential clients know what to expect when they visit your business. It’s the oldest advice in the world, but being yourself can only help you in this instance.

Make it Personal

The personalization option is a must for all subject line writers. We are all vain beasts, and we love to see and hear our own names. Personalization allows you to catch your clients’ attention by calling them by name. It’s useful in the body of the email as well, but we need to grab the attention in the inbox before we can do anything else.

I personalize on 98% of the emails that I send. I find that it helps bypass spam filters, and when used correctly, it intrigues my recipient and entices them to open the email. The only word of caution on personalization is that it is entirely dependent on how they signed up for your email list, so misspellings and lack of capitalization can come back to haunt you. Don’t overuse it!

Make Them Say What?

Overall, the best email subject lines make me scratch my head a little. They’re the ones that I need to know more about. Did they really mean that? How does that work? OK, that was funny, I’ll open this one. Asking a question that has to be answered, gently disguising your email as something else, or creating a narrative that makes your client curious are all ways to intrigue and entice your audience into taking action.

how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Letting your clients in on a secret, or making your email look like it was accidentally sent to them can create a fun, personal connection that lasts. This is your chance to be creative. Look back at your own inbox and see what you tend to open. Do those subject lines have anything in common? How do funny, sneaky, or clever subject lines make you feel? Using your noodle to get your clients to use theirs is a great way to ensure they open your message to see what happens next.

Keep It Open-Ended

Never ask a question that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” It’s the first rule of sales for a reason. Open-ended questions lead to sales, and open-ended subject lines lead to opens. Asking a question that helps your clients see themselves in your subject line is super helpful, and lets them know that the contents of your email are meant for them.

“Have you ever felt like ____?” gets the ball rolling and sets the mood for your audience. They know what they’re getting into when they click on that email. Transport them somewhere problem-solving and comfortable in your message, and that will keep them clicking on your emails for years to come. how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Put an Emoji On It

The right emoji can really set your message apart in the inbox. Use them sparingly and choose an emoji that relates to the subject matter at hand. Adding an emoji at the beginning or end of your subject line can break up the black and white monotony of email and create something attention-grabbing in the process.

how to write exciting email subject lines open rate

Don’t create a subject line of all emojis, however. That’s a sure-fire way to end up caught up in the spam filter. Use them when they make sense, and add to your message. I like this link to copy an emoji on desktop, and then plunk it into the subject line with a quick paste.

More Is Better

There’s a copywriting technique that can apply to email subject line writing, and helps you get the best possible version of it. I like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer for this exercise. Write your email, and then write your subject line last. It helps you crystallize around what you’ve shared in the email, so that you can create a subject line to fit it, not the other way around. Write at least five versions of your subject line, and put them through the analyzer. Working towards economy of language and more emotive, powerful words will help you quickly convey your message in the small window of a subject line.

What are your biggest obstacles to writing good subject lines? How can you apply the above resources to your email program? Let me know via emailhow to write exciting email subject lines open rate