How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

I am obsessed with Instagram. Possibly too obsessed, but that’s a discussion for another time. I was scrolling this morning at 4:00am, which is sadly a nightly occurrence. I have serious FOMO and I like to see what other successful Instagrammers are doing to gain traction. I have a very investigative mindset, and I love nothing more than learning and analyzing things that work, but also why they work. During this scroll, I started clicking around, and I found a new report that has the potential to be more helpful than all of the others combined. How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

Back when I was a sales manager at a major big box retailer, I used to relish reading my reports. It was my favorite day of the week when I got to print those big reports with the tiny print and put an industrial staple in the corner with a satisfying crunch. You can learn so much from reports and gain literal insights into your business that aren’t guided by your feelings or your gut. It’s there in black and white, and the numbers never lie. How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

Instagram Insights

I’ve written an entire blog post and can teach a 90 minute class on Instagram Insights. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you read it here. It is a 101 level overview of the wonderful world that is Instagram Insights. Read it and then come back here because you’ll need a good working understanding of those reports before you dive into this secret report that I found. Please also note that Insights are only available to business or creator account types. How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

Now this report may have existed for a while, but I know Instagram backwards, forwards, and diagonally, so if it isn’t new, I apologize. It’s new to me, and I’m pretty sure it will be new to you too. Let’s get into it! How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

The Report

As I covered in my previous post, Instagram Insights can help you learn about three important categories: your content, your activity, and your audience. Each little tab has invaluable information and direct feedback on your marketing efforts so you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on those tabs. But for our purposes in this post, you’ll want to focus on the content tab.

How to Unlock Instagram's New Hidden Report
Click on “Insights” and then “Content.” Next, click the “See All” next to “Posts.”

Under content, and Posts, click “See All.” This will generate a report unlike any I’ve ever seen on Instagram. It tells you exactly what you need to know to craft the perfect content for your audience, and will completely end any questions about what to post from here to eternity. You can toggle post type, the time frame you’d like to search, and the exact business metric to examine.

How to Unlock Instagram's New Hidden Report
This report will provide feedback on your content and what actual business metrics each post affects.

For example, you can see which kinds of posts generated the most follows, calls, or website clicks. You can determine which posts were saved the most often, (which is a huge engagement driver,) and which ones generated the most comments. From this info, you can tailor your content strategy to create more similar content and drive additional results. This report reads like a playbook for exactly what your audience wants to see from you, but more importantly, what content causes them to take action. How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

And it doesn’t stop there! This report also allows you to sort by type of content, so you can drill down to your highest performing photo posts, videos, etc. With this report, you’ll be able to see the exact posts that generated the most action on behalf of your following. Imagine what you could learn and how this would affect your strategy moving forward. You know exactly what kind of content inspired your following, but beyond that, what drives a potential client book an appointment.

Instagram reports for salons
The combinations are endless – and allow you to drill down to the exact post types that caused every kind of client action.

What is getting your account seen? What kind of content gets shared the most? Are photos or videos your followers’ fave? Did a specific before and after carousel post cause someone to email you? All of the information coming out of this report is valuable, but it can also just look like a lot of data. I’ve put together a free download to help you make sense of the information you can collect from this report. It is meant to help you make sense of this info and make decisions¬†based on metrics important to you and your business. How to Unlock Instagram’s New Hidden Report

Which metrics will you track, and how will you change up your content to create action?

Grab the FREE download here.