How to Quickly Build an Email List

I’ve made the case for email here on this blog, and in my in person classes around the country. If you still need convincing, here are some stats: How to Quickly Build an Email List

    • A client is twice as likely to sign up for your email list than to like or follow your business on social media
    • The majority of email users prefer to see promotional content in their inbox versus on their social feeds
    • 99% of email users want to hear from you once a week or more often!

If you’re still on the fence, it is crucial to understand that the social media algorithms can’t limit your reach when you have a potential client’s email address; ensuring your important business messaging is actually seen. So what if your business email list is just a few contacts? I’ve put together some of my favorite strategies to build a high-performing email list from scratch.

Make Email the Place to Be

If your business announces new promotions, services, contests, and email-only exclusives, your client base will have a serious case of FOMO. (That’s fear of missing out for those of you over 40.) Promise an enhanced brand experience and then deliver on that promise. If you give all of the best stuff to the email list first, then it’s a no-brainer for your clients and followers to sign up for it. Make this process easy for them, and add a pop-up form to your website to capture those sweet email deets. How to Quickly Build an Email List

Train Reception to Capture Like a Champ

Existing clients need email love too. It encourages rebooks and a tighter maintenance schedule if your beauty business remains top of mind, so show up regularly in the inbox. Ensure that your reception and support staff are well trained on how to ask for client emails, especially if this is a new undertaking for your salon. Have them explain that you’re “updating client records, and noticed that we don’t have your email address on file.” Offer a small piece of free retail in exchange for getting that email address, and add it to your new client intake forms. Make it the new normal, and everyone will get on board quickly. How to Quickly Build an Email List

Direct Social Channels to Email Capture

Use that link in your bio to funnel social traffic to an email sign up by offering exclusive news and deals to email subscribers first. Hype up a giveaway, new merch, or videos that are only available to email subscribers, and then direct your following to click that link for more info. Point to that link in your Instagram Stories, and mention it in your bio. Offer the world to your email clients because you will capture the largest return on investment from your email subscribers. For every dollar you spend on your email management, expect to make $40 in return. How to Quickly Build an Email List

Email Won’t Fail

Throughout all of the changes to social platforms and the wavering attention spans of users, one thing has remained constant. Email. Most of us use email for important communication, when we want the message to be seen and responded to. It is the primary form of communication for most workplaces, and clients are conditioned to use it and read it. No matter how many times Instagram goes down, email still performs. Building your email list now will ensure that no matter which way the social media wind blows, you’ll still be able to effectively market your beauty or salon business. How to Quickly Build an Email List

Want to hit the ground running with email for your salon? Grab my free checklist to start using email like a total boss.

How to Quickly Build an Email List for salons