Kill the Comfort Zone

In this era of self-care and self-awareness, we are all getting really good at recognizing when we need to take a moment for ourselves. We are getting better at determining when we need a better work-life balance and when we need to nurture our own personal growth journey. Does this also extend to our businesses? how to grow your beauty business

Lately, it seems like everything is designed for and focused on comfort. Our businesses are the haven for personal comfort and care. But can being comfortable actually limit us and our ability to stay hungry for business success? Is being too comfortable a thing? Let me break it down… how to grow your beauty business

Comfort and feeling secure in where we stand in our professional lives is a great thing. It means that we are doing something very, very right. You’ve worked and scraped and gotten your self to a place where you feel like you can take a breath and enjoy the ride a bit. It’s when that ride ends up being a several year journey across a plateau that’s troubling. Feeling secure can mean you take your foot off of the gas and begin to accept that this is enough for you. You could get by by working three days a week, and you can pay most of your bills on the three clients you see a day. When does that stop being enough?

When you entered this business, especially if you work for yourself, the allure of setting your own hours and determining which products you’d use was too good to be true. The thought of never having to split commission with another owner again was like a dream. But did you envision yourself skating by on “enough?” Scrambling when financial circumstances changed slightly and wondering where the extra money would come from? How about this; do you ever want to retire? Or would you prefer to be hunched over a shampoo or pedicure bowl when you’re in your late 70s?

I don’t mean to alarm you or sound like I’m preaching to you. I need a swift kick in the butt every now and then as well to make sure I’m doing everything I can to grow my business without losing more time or my mind in the process. In order to do that, I have to be very objective about my own business, and there may not be anything harder to do in the world.

Being objective about my business is tough because it requires me to remove all emotional attachment. In my post last week, I challenged you to think about why you do things the way you do. Now, I want you to implement an action plan. What are the behaviors you need to stop, start, or improve to get you where you want to go?

Do you have a slow season? What can you be doing in your business today to drive additional revenue during those slower months? (And please don’t say “join an MLM.”) What service categories are under-performing, but you keep them on your menu for nostalgia or for that one client who books that service twice a year? What retail items are dying on your shelf because you get anxious and squirrelly when it’s time to suggest a product to a client that will genuinely improve her results?

Comfort is a beautiful thing, but not when it’s keeping you stuck at “just ok” when you could be thriving. Getting uncomfortable is good because that’s where the most growth happens. It’s the place where you’re forced to make decisions and question if everything you do brings you the value you believe it does. It’s time to think like Marie Kondo – if it doesn’t make you money, bring in more clients, or serve your soul, get rid of it. how to grow your beauty business

So how did we get here? It’s a long, drawn-out process that happens bit by bit over time. And it’s a good thing! Being able to be comfortable and maybe even a little complacent in our businesses means that you’ve made the right combination of decisions to get to a place where you can sit back and enjoy being in business for yourself. That’s a major accomplishment, and you should celebrate it! It also comes in cycles. You work hard, get to a place of comfort and stability, begin evolving, and it happens again and again. how to grow your beauty business

It’s up to you how long you spend in that zone, and frankly, if you want to leave it at all. Sometimes life and other external factors and changes mean you stay where you are for months or years at a time. Family gets sick, kids go to college – there’s nothing wrong with keeping things as-is to serve the greater purpose. What I’m asking you to do is to recognize when you’re stuck being comfortable for no real reason other than it’s a nice place to rest a while.

What are some of your favorite ways to shake off complacency and begin to move forward in your business? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. how to grow your beauty business

how to grow your beauty business