How I Learned to Love Facebook Ads

I joined Facebook in 2007, mostly to spy on my younger brothers who were both in college at the time. I learned how to use every feature, and how to cut through the noise to the features of substance and ignore those that were a distraction. (Anyone remember the poke?) I got comfortable promoting my business page and administering my group, and I thought I would start to dabble in Facebook Ads. love facebook ads

But the first time I opened Business Manager and looked at Ads, I felt like I was surveying an alien landscape. Facebook Ads was the great unknown, and I have to be honest. I let it intimidate me. As a solo business owner, I was not about to try to learn another system, and earn the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Facebook Ads in the process. I shelved Ads until I could devote the time to researching the best knowledge bases, and learning the platform in a real way.

Needless to say, Ads weren’t my priority, and they sat on the shelf for over a year. I wish I had started researching them earlier, because during that downtime, I could have been growing my audiences with Facebook Pixel and other optimization tools that would have made my impact even greater when I started advertising in earnest.

Admittedly, my strong suit is digital marketing through social media and email, but I really really wanted to make Facebook Ads work for me. I also run a subscription box business, so I looked for ways to get the word out about the box. I knew enough about Ads to be mildly effective, but I didn’t know the finer points that would have saved me a lot of money in the long run. love facebook ads

Why do we as solo entrepreneurs, try to learn every new skill set ourselves instead of recognizing opportunities to outsource? I spent a bunch of time combing through assorted blogs and struggling to learn the important points when I could have invested in a Facebook Ads online course or hired a coach. Looking back, I lost out on valuable audience-building time because of pride or the thought that I can somehow magically do it all. love facebook ads

After investing in some Facebook Ads training that was tailored to my niche, I finally finally finally came at Facebook Ads with a broader base of understanding. The knowledge made me much more effective, and I wasn’t wasting time or money experimenting while I learned the ropes. The results were immediate, and I was much more comfortable affecting my ads and clicking around in Ads Manager once I actually knew what everything did.

When it comes to your business and your marketing goals, don’t let yourself be intimidated by Facebook Ads. I thought I knew enough to be effective, when in reality all I knew was that I didn’t know enough, and those limiting beliefs became true by default. There are so many great resources and coaches out there to teach you how to make these platforms produce for your business without having to learn it all yourself. love facebook ads

The resource I used was a few trainings by Stephanie Mitchell of Sunnystorm Marketing. She is currently enrolling interested students in a free Masterclass as well as an online course to take a deep dive into Facebook and Instagram marketing that actually nets revenue instead of a bunch of likes and comments. If you’d like to learn more, you can check it out here.

What other limiting beliefs are you holding onto about your business? Let’s connect and see how I support you to overcome them. love facebook ads