The Best Free Hidden Canva Tools for Salon Professionals

The Best Free Hidden Canva Tools for Salon Pros

You’re already likely using Canva for your beauty business. Whether creating graphics for social media or image assets for web, Canva is a gem of a tool for a myriad of uses. But what else can this amazing tool do for us, specifically in the beauty industry?

Photo Editor

While there are many app-based photo editors available, (I love Snapseed, Lightroom, and A Color Story for mobile editing,) it can be a real pain to edit on your phone when you’re batching social content on your laptop. Canva offers a free-to-use photo editor that has the essentials – brightness, saturation, and contrast, along with cropping, resizing, and some filters.

screenshot of canva's photo editor

If you don’t need to do any heavy lifting with your photos, this editor is easy to use and gets the job done. You’re offered the option to download your edited photo which can be easily uploaded into any Canva design template.

Color Palette Generator

If design isn’t your strongest skill, or if you need inspiration to create something that pops, Canva offers a free color palette generator. Choose from pre-made palettes or create your own fully customized color palette. You can even “search” color palettes by keyword.

Example of canva's photo palette color picker

By far, the coolest application of this generator is the ability to upload a photo and pull the colors from it, into a palette you can use on Canva. Creating Instagram stories, website banners, and email assets with brand-right color matched text is incredibly easy to do using this free tool.

canva color palette examples

Interactive Color Wheel

A staple tool for the beauty industry, Canva has a totally interactive color wheel available and it is seriously cool. You can even use it on your phone for those quick review sessions in the back room to remember what cancels out gold. In addition to the fully interactive color wheel that allows you to toggle hue, saturation, and luminance, this page boasts a comprehensive review of the color wheel and how to use it.

canva screenshot of the color picker

If terms like analogous or triadic bring back memories of beauty school flash cards, this is a super useful tool to bookmark and keep handy. You can pull it up on the salon floor to show clients and assistants, and even create a design in Canva using the colors you select.

Canva Does it All

Are you excited about these Canva tools? How can you incorporate them into your beauty business to make your content creation life easier?Pinterest pin of blog title the best free hidden canva tools for salon pros

The Best Free Hidden Canva Tools for Salon Professionals

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