5 Minute Instagram Bio Fix

Your Instagram bio is the front door of your business, and if we’re being honest, it could probably use a little tune-up. If you’re in a service-based business, your bio can tell a potential client loads about their experience before they ever set foot in your door. Here are fives ways to fix up your Instagram bio in under five minutes for maximum impact and brand clarity. 5 Minute Instagram Bio Fix

Let’s get started with your overall profile. Instagram offers a few account types based on the focus of your account. I always recommend that businesses select a business account, as it opens up a toolbox of free resources and insights into your audience. Visit your settings to toggle between profile types in order to select a business account. 5 Minute Instagram Bio Fix

1. Brand Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo should be your logo or your photo. A potential client shouldn’t have to guess that they are in the right place when visiting your profile. If you work one on one with your clients, I suggest that you have a well lit photo of your face, looking at the camera with a friendly expression. You’re asking a potential client to trust you, so ensure that you have a headshot that communicates your skill level and professionalism that wasn’t taken in your bathroom mirror.

2. Differentiate Your Name and Username

The name field is a searchable field on Instagram, so if your username is @sarahshairchair, don’t re-type “Sarah’s Hair Chair” where your name goes. If a client searches “Sarah’s Hair Chair,” the username will capture that search and get them to your profile. But if they search “Charleston Hair Salon,” you likely won’t get that search traffic. Your name should describe what you do and where you are, so you can be assured to show up in more general search results. 5 Minute Instagram Bio Fix

Think of it this way; if a potential client knew your business name, they would have already found you. Make it easy for new clients to find you by being as descriptive as possible, knowing what terms they are likely searching.

3. Maximize Your Link

Instagram only gives you one clickable link in your entire profile, so make it count. The basic strategy would be to have the link point directly to your booking site, but there are tools available to maximize those clicks. Resources like LinkInBio, Linktree, and Milkshake are designed to help you easily make a mini site just for your Instagram bio.

Interested clients can learn more about you, what you do, your specialities, and make an appointment. You can update your mini site very easily through these resources, and draw attention to a recent blog post, a seasonal promotion, or new service offerings. Maximizing your link helps you share more about your brand because of reason number 4 below.

4. De-Fluff The Written Section

Instagram limits the written portion of your bio to just 150 characters, so efficiency of language is essential. Removing words and phrases like “making people feel their most beautiful” in favor of “Phoenix balayage & blonding specialist using Redken & Olaplex.” Let your bio tell potential clients exactly what they’re getting when they check out your profile. Attention spans are short, so you have to grab people quickly and pull them in with some words that actually mean something.

150 characters translates to about ten or so words, so make sure each word counts. Edit your bio several times before clicking “save,” and have someone else read it for you to ensure you’re using an active voice and your message comes across correctly. Explain what you do, who you’re for, and what you do really well, and you’ll crush the bio game.

5. Make Your Contact Buttons EASY

A contact button shouldn’t be the first step in a multi-layer scavenger hunt. If you don’t want phone calls, emails, or DMs, then send people to the method of communication you prefer through your contact button, and eliminate the other options from your profile. If you have an online booking site, then send traffic there. It’s easy to train potential clients to use your preferred method of communication by putting the button right where your clients can see (and use) it. 5 Minute Instagram Bio Fix

Understanding that potential clients likely won’t click more than twice to book with you, contact buttons can also be toggled to book directly through Instagram. Keep it simple, and eliminate obstacles to an appointment.

What do you think of these five easy ways to tune up your Instagram profile? If you work with clients or are a solo owner, potential client interactions can be difficult to manage in your downtime or between appointments. Getting your bio just right will cut down on extraneous questions, help you capture more casual IG traffic, and allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

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