5 Amazing (and Free) Salon Marketing Resources


We have all been there: staring at the same empty slots in our schedules, wondering what we’re doing wrong. Trying and failing by offering discounts, freebies, and resembling the actors in an informercial when we claw at our faces and exclaim “there’s got to be a better way!” Just me? OK then.

If you’ve found this blog post, don’t worry – it’s going to be fine. I’ve compiled some of my favorite (Free!) salon marketing resources that you can easily add to your current marketing arsenal and begin making a difference in your business today.

The first one might seem a bit obvious, but it’s a BIG deal: 5 AMAZING (AND FREE) SALON MARKETING RESOURCES

1. Pinterest

That’s right, the place that likely directed you to this blog post is the spot where I suggest you begin to fill those schedule holes. Before you scoff, let’s analyze. Pinterest is one of the biggest drivers of web traffic available today. It’s free, as promised, and it’s full of photos. We work in the very visual beauty industry, so what better medium than a wall of gorgeous photos to trap those potential clients? While your ideal client scrolls looking for recipes, wedding planning ideas, or workout plans, why not entice them with some beautiful nails, lashes, or hair color?

Think about the percentage of appointments you took this week who brought in a photo from Pinterest. Am I making sense yet? Like Ariel, you want to be where the people are. That’s on Pinterest. Still not convinced? Let me hit you with a few stats. More than 70% of Pinterest users are women, and 60% make more than $75,000 a year.

Pinterest has also really upped its game lately with the ability to promote pins and to be more targeted with the details about each pin. This way, you can be strategic about your captions to include what a client would likely search for, and link the pin to your booking site. Sneaky, right?

I can’t stress the importance of Pinterest enough for a salon business. We know our clients are already pinning. Now, it’s time for photos of your best work to be what hooks them.

2. Instagram Caption Formatter

When you’re scrolling through Instagram after a long day at work, what’s the last thing you want to do? Read a huge wall of text, right? When I see a caption that looks like 4,000 words, all in one huge chunk, I immediately scroll past it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or inclination to do homework on my off hours.

If you’ve fallen victim to the more is more approach, I highly recommend this website that allows you to break your caption into smaller, more easily digested parts. This way, your clients and potential clients will be much more likely to see and absorb the information you’re trying to convey – how awesome you and your salon are!

Instagram Caption Formatter Spacing


3. Strategic Photo File Names

I could write several whole posts about SEO strategy, but if you’re not seeing lots of organic traffic to your salon website, you can tweak a few things that will greatly improve your results. When you uploaded the photos of your space, your staff, and the work coming out of your salon, what were each of those photo files called? My guess is something like “A1q003482.jpg” or “interior_shot6_salon.png.” Am I right? Whether you were the original photographer or not, you can actually make a very easy change to those photos, and still use the same photos and improve your Google ranking.

Rename the actual photo files something useful like “blonding balayage specialists San Francisco salon.png” or “nail artist Denver acrylic nail art pedicures.jpg” and upload them again to your site. Since everything on your website is indexed by search engines, including filenames, making this simple switch can yield some big changes for your business and where your site ranks on Google and beyond. 5 AMAZING (AND FREE) SALON MARKETING RESOURCES

4. Canva

You may have already heard of this tool because it is one of my FAVORITE platforms to use when I need to make an impactful visual asset for my business, but I don’t have tons of time to peer at Photoshop.  If you haven’t used Canva.com before, I highly recommend it. I am not a graphic designer by any means, and Canva makes me look like I have a graphic designer on staff.

Canva is very easy to use, and allows you to design and download everything from Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, posters, and postcards for free. You can upload your own photos or find free stock images and icons all in their foolproof drag and drop editor. Even better, if you don’t have time off of the salon floor, you can download the Canva app and create these assets on your phone.

I love using Canva because it allows me to be nimble. If I see a social media trend happening and I want to get in on the action, I can create an Instagram story template right on my phone and post it to Instagram in under 10 minutes. The value Canva has brought to my business is immeasurable, and I hope you end up loving it as much as I do.

5. An Instagram Post Planner

Many beauty pros are already planning out their Instagram posts, but I have specific recommendations for the free tools to use. I recommend UNUM, Planoly, and Later. You’ll only need one, but what they each bring to the table is the ability to perfectly curate and cultivate the best grid possible. Why does this matter? Well, because the average Instagram user will make the decision to follow you in less than two seconds. You’ve only got two seconds to impress them and convince them to smash that follow button, so a beautiful grid of planned, professional images of your work is a must. 5 AMAZING (AND FREE) SALON MARKETING RESOURCES

Planning ahead is super important for a salon/beauty pro who is looking to build their book. When you have the ability to see the bigger picture, you can see which photos of your work stand out, and which stand out in a bad way. Being strategic and having a plan will also help you avoid posting sub-par images and videos out of necessity, and cuts down on the 11:30pm Instagram Image Dump. You post because you know you have to post something, but you’re not sure what. Getting your hands on an Instagram planner takes away that desperate feeling and helps you capture more potential client traffic in the process.

These planning tools are free to use for up to 30 posts a month, and beyond that, you can add multiple users and more posts for a small monthly fee. The ability to move posts around and plan ahead is really helpful when you’re building a following and looking to make the best impression on potential customers.